Keeping your hotel profitable

Hotels earlier had to light as a basic functionality, mainly used to lighten up space, but today the scenario has changed. It is used to complement the things and space along the lines of work, or theme or culture incorporated in it.

The lobby area in the hotels is the main area of concern, as it has multi-functions to handle. It can be used as a work point, or social gathering or even for eating and to simply watch TV. This needs a lot of care, and the lighting should be chosen carefully, not to go overboard for any of the scenarios.

To make lighting work seamlessly for you, you need to include not only science but also the art. The art takes care of creating the ambience right, making some changes that gel well, while science takes care of the type of lighting options to be considered and the lights that are energy savers and at the same time support the differently abled.

By choosing the perfect lighting, you not only create a space that is well-lit up but also adds to the value of the hotel. You can also increase the value and worth of your hotel, by concentrating on the accommodation part of your hotel.

Guests use the room to get refreshed and relax, hence keeping the lighting system that helps in both is essential. Not just walls and ceilings, even the flooring matters. Keep the floor out of wood, marble, granite, carpet, ceramic and many others. As a restaurant, you can avail all these in wholesale markets and can get discounts too. That’s how I saved money for my hotel with wholesale lighting, by bringing in more number of pieces of similar types and saving on the cost and also energy.

Concentrate on reading and bathing space lights, so that the guest wouldn’t feel bored, which in turn would affect your revenue and performance.