Loopholes in the Roof

Roofs are the cause of concern and worries in the cold climatic conditions, as they can be blown away by the harsh winds, or be broken by the heavy rains or can cause leaks due to heavy snow. All these issues are a cause for concern and need immediate action to be taken. By the way, who can live in a leaking home? or with a missing roof overhead?

If in case you are looking for roof re-repair or roof replacement here are the things that you must keep in minding before calling a professional contractor. There are plenty of favoured Glasgowcontractors, who can do the work anytime, but before you pull them in, know what they really look at and make sure that their time isn’t wasted.


This is the biggest problem but can be again classified as severe or moderately severe. And it can also be classified as complete replacement or re-repair of few broken tiles. Well, before we analyse the solution, let’s take a look at the problem. Checking for the source of leaks of water can help you here. See for broken roofs or roofs that have a small crack inthem. Sometimes an improperly suited valley also causes leaks, so check for them.

Improper Flashing:

There is aspecification for a roof barrier to be created, which has to be 3 feet, to avoid any leaking. This is created to repel water and ice from the roof.

Structural damage: if you are seeing the natural light peeping inside the home, without you creating a way, then there is a sure damage to the structure, caused by many factors. This one needs a professional contractor, immediately.

Mould: do you find watermarks on the roof tiles? Mold appears when there is water clogging happening, leading to loosening the roofs.

If you find the exact problem area, it would be great for the contractor to give immediate solutions.