Consider A Shoe Business For A Small Start-Up

For a small investment, think about starting a shoe business. To start a retail shoe business you will not have to invest a lot of money. All that it takes is a little bit of investment and planning to start with your own small shoe store.

The first thing is to analyse is the demographic market. You could choose to have a shoe store that sells women’s fashionable shoes, or one that deals only in men’s shoes. There could be other shoe store options like athletic wear and children’s shoes. You could also mix and match the niche which will let you grow your business more. Like, suppose you start with sports shoe for men then you could even consider starting athletic shoes for women and children in the same store. A good idea is also to stock up some shoe accessories in the same store. So for example, if you have parkour shoes you could also stock up some parkour accessories.

Estimate what your startup cost will be when you plan to set up your shoe business. These costs will include the lease of the place that you take to start your business, any build out in case that is applicable for your shoe business, the cost of fixtures and inventory and the expense that you have to bear towards security. You could first begin by enquiring about what the lease rate will be; you could get in touch with a leasing agent to do the fixtures.

You should make sure that your business is located in a high traffic area that makes it easily assessable. A shoe store that is situated close to clothes store and has lots of parking around it can be great for your business. So go around and have a look at the properties that match your requirements and start calling up the leasing agent to get the best deal for the property.